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Italy celebrates World Greek Language Day again this year - With a series of cultural initiatives

Featured Italy celebrates World Greek Language Day again this year - With a series of cultural initiatives

Italy celebrates the World Day of the Greek Language again this year with a series of cultural initiatives.

One of the most important ones hosted by the university of the Italian capital "Roma Tre" from Wednesday: high school students, teachers, neo-Hellenists and Greek permanent residents of Italy chose and analyzed the meaning of a word of our language, from "love" to "therapy" and "poetry".

At the same time, in dialogue and via the internet, until tomorrow "the words of the Greeks" will occupy archaeologists, intellectuals, Byzantine scholars from Avezzano in central Italy, Rome, but also from Sicily, with the cooperation of the local Greek communities.

World Greek Language Day - An unparalleled lexical wealth over time
Three-day events are organized in Turin, called "dalla a all' ω", (from a to ω). The initiative is the Greek unpaid consulate of Turin and the Italian-Greek educational association "Microkosmos".

Today, the most important architectural symbol of the city, the Mole Antonelliana, is to be illuminated with the Greek flag. At the same time, a reading of poems will be organized inspired by the human and, unique, artistic form of Maria Callas. In Castello Square, the Piedmont-Greece link dedicated to the Italian philhellenist Santore Di Santarosa will present traditional dances from various regions of Greece, while in the Greek Orthodox Church of Turin a concert with Byzantine music is organized by the music group "Irini Pasi".

The ambassador of Greece to Italy, Eleni Sourani, in her message for the World Day of the Greek Language, inter alia, referred to its international character and its continuity, from Homer to this day.

Mrs. Sourani recalled that "the universal values that the Greek language captured shaped the entire Western civilization and became a global asset". Finally, our ambassador to Italy underlined: "our language has the precious and rare privilege of belonging to only 5 languages, out of the 6,500 official languages spoken today, which have endured almost 3,000 years in the history of the speaking human race and which anyone can follow it - in writing - continuously and without interruption".