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Foti Dulos Case: His ex-partner guilty of murdering his wife

Featured Foti Dulos Case: His ex-partner guilty of murdering his wife

With her head bowed and crying non-stop, Michelle Trokonis, ex-partner of Greek-American businessman Fotis Doulos, heard the jury's verdict finding her guilty of all charges related to the disappearance of Jennifer Doulos in May 2019.

The Connecticut Supreme Court jury was deliberating for two days after eight months of hearings during which key witnesses were examined.

As local media reported, she was ultimately found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, concealment of evidence and attempting to mislead authorities, charges for which she could be sentenced to up to 50 years in prison.

She was released on huge bail.
Court officials decided to raise bail to $6 million to keep Trokonis under house arrest with a monitoring bracelet until her sentencing, which is expected to be announced in two months.

Only Michelle Trokonis, who lived with Fotis Doulos when his ex-wife Jennifer disappeared in May 2019, was sitting on the bench of the much-lauded trial. A few months later, in January 2020, the Greek entrepreneur in the field of construction, once a student of Athens College, killed himself before being sent to prison for her murder, denying any involvementin the note he left .

Fotis Doulos with Michelle Trokonis
Jennifer Dulos has now been declared legally dead even though she was never found, while 49-year-old Trokonis pleaded not guilty. However, according to the police, she helped her boyfriend at the time to disappear the evidence of the crime - as the two allegedly threw bags in about 30 places on the day of the disappearance - but also to give him an alibi which he later admitted was false. The indictment is based on bloodstains that identified Jennifer's DNA on the employee van Dulos allegedly used on the fateful day.

Fotis Doulos: The Chronicle of His Ex-Wife's Disappearance - Why He Was Accused of Her Murder 
The court focused on this car a red Toyota Tacoma which the police officer who had taken over the investigation 2 weeks after Jennifer's disappearance, told the trial that he found it very clean for an 18 year old truck and with changed seats as he saw two black Porsche seats in the driver and passenger seats placed haphazardlyy.

As the policeman testified, he had also seen a Porsche in Dulo's garage and had noticed that the two seats were missing. Looking for clues, he spoke of a blood stain on the speaker. But the medical examiner who dealt with the case also testified that fingerprints matching those of Dulos were found on garbage bags that were thrown away on the day she was reported missing. The Tacoma – which police believe Doulos was driving accompanied by Trokonis is recorded stopping at various dumpsters that night before ending up at Fotis Dulos' home.

Fotis Dulos with his wife
The employee who worked for Fotis Dulo's real estate company testified that he did not drive his truck at all on the day of Jennifer's disappearance. As the witness has told the authorities, Dulos asked him to change the driver's and passenger's seats to his Porsche, but he kept the old ones and handed them over to the police.