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No chance for common elections for Federation of Greek Associations of NY

Featured No chance for common elections for Federation of Greek Associations of NY

There seems to be no chance of convergence of the two poles in the Federation of Greek Societies of Greater New York, after an attempt for an open discussion fostered by Philip Christopher, during the Panomogeniaki assembly that took place on Tuesday afternoon at Stathakio Cultural Center in Astoria.

"We held elections and invited everyone. We didn't tell bar anyone from coming," said Nikos Diamantidis the member of the Board of Directors. who was elected at the Stathakio, addressing Philip Christopher, in the context of a reparte that simply showed the chasm dividing the two sides.

Also present in the room, where there was a very limited attendance, were, from the "exiled" Board of Directors, George Georgopoulos, George Meindasis, Anastasios Karagounis and Vassilios Petratos, with Mr. Georgopoulos recalling that he himself had accepted Philip Christopher’s initiative, but without finding a response.

"I don't know if there are 75 or 80 who voted in the elections. My point is to bring in those who are on the other side and did not vote. Let's be united and let the Federation move forward as it should and as it deserves", emphasized Philip Christopher, clarifying that he has no intention to nor will he seek any position in the Federation.

The Board of Directors under George Georgopoulos is calling for a two-day conference, next Friday and Saturday, in the event hall of the Pontian Association "Komnenoi", in order to elect the electoral committee, announce nominations and to proceed with the process so that elections can be held.

The proceedings will take place on Friday, June 21 at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, June 22, at 5:00 p.m. at the Komnenoi Pontian Association, at 31-25 23rd Street, Astoria, NY 11105.

These elections are being held because, based on the Statute of the Federation, the term of office of the controversial Board of Directors elected on September 19, 2021 has expired and, even in the event that it was judicially vindicated, it should have already gone ahead with new procedures.

Parade on March 30 

At the same time, during the Panomogenia assembly, the updated financial report of the parade was presented, with Philip Christopher making it clear that he is strict in terms of transparency and will not allow any deviation whatsoever.

Finally, it was decided definitively and irrevocably that the 5th Avenue parade for 2025 will take place on March 30th.