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Greek Documentary "Hello Anatolia" making its premier in New York

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The documentary "Hello Anatolia," created by Greek-American director, Chrisovalanti Stamelos, will be making its premier in the theaters of New York.

Stemelos left New York in 2010 to travel to Smyrna in Asia Minor, where his ancestors came from. There, he tried to rebuild his relationship with this lost land of his ancestry, leaving to the side the history that separated the Greeks of Asia Minor from the Turks, namely the destruction and slaughters of Smyrna.

"Most people in Smyrna can not relate to the negative events that transpired between Greece and Turkey. At the end of the day, the audience and I simply see ourselves as decent humans. The greeting we make to one another has to be a simple and true "hello," the director emphasizes, in reference to the title of the documentary.

Throughout the duration of the documentary, Stamelos builds a bridge of communication between two people - and two different cultures - wanting to illustrate that what unites them together is far more than what separates them."Hello Anatolia" will be screening in New York beginning October 4th.