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Brian Petrides Wins $6.3 Million NYC Settlement

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Greek-American Long Island construction worker Brian Petrides, won a $6.3 million dollar settlement from New York City.

The large amount was granted to him after he suffered a 20-foot-fall from scaffolding at a Brooklyn school. He is now unable to even tie his shoes and in order to save money, his oldest 11-year-old son was forced to live with his sister-in-law. Petrides is elated that his son can now return home. "We financially couldn't keep everybody in the house and feed everybody...Having my whole family together under one roof will make me feel like a little bit more of a man", he declared.

The victim explained to The New York Post, "I try to make the best of it in front of everybody but alone it's a horror show . . . I'm 43 and I feel like I'm 83...My 6-year-old has to put my shoes on me. That's not how it's supposed to be. If I had snapped my neck and died, I feel like it would have been better for my family than to have to take care of me". His injuries make it impossible for employment.

In 2010, Petrides sued the Department of Education, the School Construction Authority and New York City. The accident happened while the union laborer was posted at an East New York site when a SCA contractor instructed him to disassemble scaffolding, while he commented that the task was too risky. He explained, "I just went right over and landed headfirst on broken-up concrete". A New York City Law Department spokesman refused to comment.