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Economist Angelou's Greek Comments

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Angelo Angelou is the Principle Executive Officer and Founder of AngelouEconomics, and an expert in economic development and site selection.

Angelou is in charge of strategy development and his firm's site selection methods. The successful businessman has also established International Accelerator. He assisted in the establishment of the Austin Software Council and the Austin Technology Incubator.

Angelou holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Texas at San Antonio and an M.A. in Economics cum laude from St. Mary's University. The scholar has finished 1.5 years of his Ph.D. in Economics at Southern Methodist University.

In the April edition of its Greece in America newsletter, The Greek Embassy in Washington, D.C. conducted an interview with Angelo Angelou. Highlights of the informative interview are below:

Mr. Angelou, please give us a brief overview of your work as an economic and business developer, the challenges you faced as a Diaspora Greek in the US and your 'secret' of success.

My economic development consulting work spans over 30 years and it began when I was the Vice President of the Austin Chamber of Commerce and in charge of economic development for 12 years. As a consultant, AngelouEconomics has provided economic development strategies for over 600 regions in the US and over a dozen foreign countries in the last 20 years. The other half of our business is Corporate Site Location consulting, where we have sited over $18 billion in projects globally.

As a Diaspora Greek, one succeeds only when one is driven, focused, and works twice as hard as anyone else to follow their dream in the US. As a first generation Greek, my parents made sure to reinforce these values while I was growing up.

Do you see modern entrepreneurship, especially tech-driven, play a role in Greece's economic recovery? Briefly, what do you think that Greek startups should do to gain easier access to the US market?

The Greek "entrepreneurial spirit" is alive, is recognized, and doing well all over the world. I applaud recent efforts of the Greek Government to support it and especially the efforts of the Greek Embassy in DC to promote it.

Greek entrepreneurs will not only help to reinvigorate the Greek economy but also contribute to Greek pride, bring hope and build confidence for our people who have been asked to face tremendous economic sacrifices and challenges. Significant progress is being made, and I ask all Greeks to see and recognize these efforts not only when Greek startups succeed in the US but also in Greece where they are conceived. We need to channel much of the Greek pride and entrepreneurial energy and current feelings of despair and connect these elements to opportunities for personal growth and success and economic prosperity for Greece.

The International Accelerator is a bridge for Greek entrepreneurs who aspire to fulfill their dreams in the US. It is the only Accelerator in the US which is focused exclusively on foreign born entrepreneurs and provides assistance in launching startups in the US.

We organize a board of directors, crystallize their business plan and strategy, find them c-level management, help them with their visas/immigration, and take full responsibility for finding them their first customers and funding. We also make sure that they enter many entrepreneurial pitching competitions throughout the US. The International Accelerator's goal is to offer Greek startups an easier path to success in the US.