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NO MORE Campaign Features George Stephanopoulos & Nia Vardalos

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The "NO MORE" campaign's mission is to cease the silence that surrounds domestic violence and sexual assault.

This most recent campaign features Greek-American political expert George Stephanopoulos and Greek-Canadian award winning actress Nia Vardalos.

NO MORE is a recent unifying mechanism created to galvanize stronger action and awareness, in ending domestic violence and sexual assault. NO MORE is garnering support nationwide, and gaining assistance by major organizations across America.

Established in 2009, the anti-violence movement was created to generate additional consciousness on domestic violence. Millions of victims remain silenced and the subject remains on the margins of public concern. Domestic violence and sexual assault prevention leaders collaborated on this campaign, to draw public awareness to the urgent issue. It calls on everyone to stop the silence and speak out again violence afflicted on all races, ethnicities, genders and age groups.

The NO MORE PSA movement is directed by advocate and actress Mariska Hargitay and includes over 50 celebrities and public figures, requesting that everyone gets involved. The PSA campaign will last three years and began last September. It will be promoted across American via online, print, broadcast, and billboard advertising, as well as being advertised in medical facilities and major airports.