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Exclusive Interview with Businessman George Stroumboulis

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Businessman George Stroumboulis sat down with New Greek TV, and discussed his lucrative endeavors in Greece and beyond.

The 33-year-old Greek-Canadian established the real estate website: www.GreekPropertyExchange.com five years ago, which promotes Greek properties around the world. It is regarded as the leading real estate and property website for Greece and Cyprus, that helps stimulate the economy from outside the two nations. After its success, he launched the Hellenic Home Hunting TV show, that aired on Antenna.

In our interview, Stroumboulis offered the following comments:

New Greek TV: Where do you live now?

George Stroumboulis: I have lived in New York for the last 8 years. I spent one year in Corfu, interning.

New Greek TV: Can you tell us about your background?

George Stroumboulis: I studied marketing and lived in Ireland, France and Greece. I studied in Canada and Northern Ireland and then came to New York. With four business partners, I launched a high tech LED lighting startup. We got acquired last year and are now featured on the New York Stock Exchange. I also work in charity missions such as savethearchives.com that aims to preserve Greece's migration history between 1950-1975.

New Greek TV: Where is your family from in Greece?

George Stroumboulis: My mother is from Kalamata and my father is from Evvia.

New Greek TV: Does your ethnicity play a large role in your life?

George Stroumboulis: Everything I do is related back to the motherland. The truth is I make my money with nonrelated Greek activities. I stay connected to my culture by working on initiatives that promote Greece in a positive light. Hellenic Home Hunting was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. I took a local TV show to the global level.

New Greek TV: How did the Wall Street Journal find you?

George Stroumboulis: The Wall Street Journal emailed me initially, after seeing some press that discussed my show. They requested statistics related to property in Greece, and then they asked to shadow one of the episodes we shot in Athens. A Dow Jones correspondent arrived in Athens. When I aired it on Antenna, The WSJ released the story. From that, I got put in the spotlight.

New Greek TV: What's your main source of income?

George Stroumboulis: Boulibrand is my corporation where all my endeavors fall under. It is a boutique marketing, entrepreneurship and branding movement focused on creating vibrant, purposeful and revenue-generating experiences on a partner-by-partner basis.

New Greek TV: How often do you go back to Greece?

George Stroumboulis: At least two times a year for business and for vacation.

New Greek TV: Can you tell us about the Greek-Canadian scene?

George Stroumboulis: This past weekend was a perfect example. This is the first time Toronto hosted the Greek-American Foundation's "40 under 40" event, where I was honored. They say that in Canada, there are approximately 350-400,000 first generation Greeks.