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"Life of Crime" Stars Jennifer Aniston

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Greek-American award winning actress Jennifer Aniston is set to star in the new film Life of Crime, as a betrayed wife.

The movie's character deviates from her usual romantic and upbeat roles. The film centers on the 1978 novel by Emore Leonard. Director Daniel Schechter said of Aniston, "It's the best work she's ever done and she'll blow people away...I don't think people will see it coming, she's so talented and I was crying while watching it".

The attractive Greek-American plays a socialite wife who is kidnapped by a gang. However her husband, who is played by Tim Robbins, cares more about his mistress played by Isla Fisher, rather than offering his wife's one million dollar ransom. Life of Crime's trailer was recently released and showed Aniston with bright blond hair. Critics are calling it her best performance yet!

Unknown to Aniston's character, her husband has already filed for divorce and plans to freely be with his mistress. He views her abduction as a chance to instantly escape. Yet, the plot thickens when his mistress participates in aiding the kidnapping criminals.

When referring to her new role, the actress who hails from Crete, described, "It was just about really understanding internal abandonment that she was feeling in her marriage and also the abandonment of her own self in this sort of passionless, loveless life that she was living with no communication...It was really about getting really small and sort of numb".