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Oprah Features Debbie Matenopoulos

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Greek-American TV personality Debbie Matenopoulos was recently featured on: Oprah: Where Are They Now?.

In the episode, Matenopoulos is documented on a trip to Greece, where she worked on writing her It's All Greek to Me cookbook. Oprah and Matenopoulos chat about her former co-hosting days on The View.

The Greek-American TV host states to Oprah, "It has been 16 years since I was on 'The View,' — 15 or 16 but who's counting...That was the most amazing experience of my life to date and still the most amazing job. At that time I probably didn't realize what a big deal it was because I was so young".

Matenopoulos added, "Did I say and do some crazy things? Yeah, I look back at that girl and I say, 'You poor thing.' I mean that poor, poor thing...It was difficult to read stuff about myself that's for sure, in the press, and to hear things about myself and — oh my gosh, the press could be brutal. Brutal."

The TV correspondent credits her warm Greek family for helping her get past the media's harsh criticism. She commented, "I think probably the only reason I continued in this business after kind of being kicked around so much, so young, was because of my father's encouragement and his strength". A clip from Debbie Matenopoulos' segment on Oprah: Where Are They Now? can be viewed below.