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A Wee Little Greek-Australian

The survival of baby John Metaxiotis in Victoria, Australia is nothing short of a miracle, as he is one of the smallest babies, ever, to survive.

The survival of the smallest human born, John Metaxiotis, is down to the efforts of big hearts, the work of many hands and his own determination.

Born at 26 weeks weighing 395g - no heavier than a can of Coke - and just the length of a ballpoint pen, John is one of the smallest babies to survive in Victoria.

After 165 days at Mercy Hospital for Women, he will wake up for the first time at home.

It took 15 failed IVF attempts and three miscarriages, but parents Paula and Con spent their first night together as a family when the statistics say it shouldn’t be possible.

The average weight of babies born on the cusp of life and death, at 24 weeks’ gestation, is 588g.

Just two of the five babies born at the Mercy under 400g in the past 10 years have survived.