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Russell Crowe Casts Greek-Australian Child Actor

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Greek-Australian child actor Dylan Georgiades has been selected to work on Russell Crowe's directorial debut film The Water Diviner.

The eleven-year-old just returned from Turkey, where he plays the role of Orhan, a young Turkish boy. Georgiades was chosen for the movie during a nationwide talent search. The Water Diviner was filmed in Sydney for one month before being shot in Turkey for two weeks.

As the young Hellenic actor stated, "It was really exciting when I got the call, I was really shocked," according to Australia's Herald Sun. Georgiades learned various Turkish phases and picked up a Turkish accent. Crowe mentored him on set, as he explained, "He mentored me and I learned so much...We worked really hard, but he always made it fun..."He was really relaxed and made jokes and we were singing quite a bit".

The child star added,"We would both sing opera. I'm not really a big fan of opera, but he'd start singing and I'd sing along with him and it was kind of like a little sing-off".

The Water Diviner centers around an Australian man who arrives in Turkey after the Battle of Gallipoli, in search of his three missing sons. It will be released later this year. Dylan Georgiades has recently returned to school and stated, "...really missed my friends".