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WHIA President Pandazopoulos Voices Diaspora Concerns

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World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association (WHIA) President and Victorian MP John Pandazopoulos believes that the top concerns for Greeks of the diaspora involve learning the modern Greek language, and registering children in the homeland so they can qualify for a passport and fulfill military requirements, as reported.

Pandazopoulos offered his stance to the Panhellenic Post while in Athens, during the yearly Convention of the World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association that he chaired, according to news site Neos Kosmos.

The WHIA President stated: "If Greece makes it easier for its diaspora to come and visit the country, then, world Hellenism will be visiting the motherland more often and this will make them feel more Greek and will make them better citizens in the country of their residency".

Pandazopoulos believes the second largest concern for global Hellenism is the preservation of the language. When queried about voting rights for the diaspora, he stated: "this is not the biggest practical issue". He added, "Whoever has a Greek identity card or a Greek passport, yes, they should have the right to vote, like in other countries...The crucial thing is to be able to have the right".

(Source: http://neoskosmos.com/news/en)