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Navarino Challenge 2015 Kicks Off Next Week (VIDEO)

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This year's "Navarino Challenge 2015" kicks off in Messinia and Costa Navarino next week, on September 11th.

The award-winning athletic event is described by its founders as, "Navarino Challenge collaborates every year with the top Greek athletes who are moral models and exemplary athletes for the younger generations."  An on-air segment showcasing last year's Challenge can be viewed by scrolling to the very bottom of this page.  

The Navarino Challenge's mission is to raise awareness on the international epidemic of childhood obesity and the attributes of a Mediterranean diet. All ages are encouraged to participate in the race to support the cause.

Greek-American ultramarathon runner Dean (Konstantinos) Karnazes serves as the ambassador of this year's event. The professional athlete plans to inform local parents and children on youth obesity issues and how it can be overcome through healthy lifestyles, sports, and proper nutrition.

"Navarino Challenge" registrations close on Friday, September 4th, and can be accessed online at: http://navarinochallenge.com/registration_form.php and: http://www.viva.gr/tickets/sports-tourism-event/pylos/navarino-challenge-en/.  

Additional information can be found at: www.navarinochallenge.com, www.facebook.com/Navarinochallenge & https://www.facebook.com/events/509478955873290/

The sporting competition is being held under the Auspices of the Department of Nutrition and-Dietetics of Harokopio University of Athens and the Greek National Tourism Organization. It is supported by Costa Navarino and The Westin Resort Costa Navarino as well as the Municipalities of Pylos-Nestor, Trifilia.