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Panathinaikos crowned Euroleague basketball champions

Featured Panathinaikos crowned Euroleague basketball champions

Panathinaikos AKTOR, under the excellent leadership of Kostas Sloukas, won the seventh European trophy in its history.

Panathinaikos prevailed in Berlin against Real Madrid 95-80 in the Euroleague final, playing fantastic defense in the second half.

The Panathinaikos AKTOR team will depart from Berlin at 11:00 and arrive in Athens at 13:30 at the "El. Venizelos". The "greens" will leave from gate 7 of the Athens airport, where thousands of fans of the team are expected to welcome them. The charter was scheduled to depart at 10am.

Initially there were thoughts of postponing the departure to give the European champions time to rest after winning the 7th Euroleague title in the club's history, 13 years after the last. In the end, KAE decided not to make any changes to the departure time.

In a historic match, Panathinaikos was imposing in the second half, scoring its 7th victory in 8 finals where it has taken part.

With a shocking turnaround in the second half, Ergin Ataman's "greens" prevailed in the Euroleague final, in the packed Uber Arena in Berlin, and sewed - in front of 10,000 fans - on their jersey the 7th star, as well as the Champions Cups that have conquered in basketball.

Coach Ergin Ataman, visibly moved, dedicated the trophy to his late father.

"It was the reward of the effort of the whole year. We showed we could come back, and that's very important. I am proud. You know I lost my father a few months ago. I'm sure he saw it. He was with me in all the championships. I thank all the Greek and Turkish fans", Ataman said.