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New York City Promotes Astoria to Tourists (Video)

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New York City's official marketing firm NYC & Company has recently confirmed that it is focusing on Astoria for the month of November, during a worldwide travel program.

The company has created a segment showcasing Astoria's best facets, ranging from its eateries and movie productions that compliment the area, that can be viewed at the very bottom of this page. CEO Fred Dixon described, "From the remarkable Greek and international cuisine to the fascinating cultural and arts scene, we are pleased to be promoting all there is to see and do in Astoria."

Dixon added, "We invite visitors from around the world and across the United States to discover or rediscover Astoria." The marketing campaign targets its parks, beer gardens and the Kaufman Arts District.

NYC & Company Vice President of Borough Promotion and Engagement Marty Markowitz stated that it's a "neighborhood full of praiseworthy cultural institutions and a food destination popular for everything from Greek to Italian to Brazilian cuisine...There is something for everyone in this bustling Queens neighborhood, and we encourage New Yorkers and visitors to spend a day in Astoria."

(Source: Astoria Post)