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Cyprus Holds Highest Number of 5 Star Hotels Within Europe

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Cyprus is a leader in the hotel industry within the European Union and hosts the largest amount of 5-star hotels, regarding its population ratio.

Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) Chairman Angelos Loizou confirmed these attributes to CNA and stated, "We have the potential to attract all kinds of tourism, be it conference, medical, sports or other, since we are ahead of our competitors in this respect."

CTO Tourist Officer Constantinos Tsiappas offered the following statistics on Cypriot accommodations; the nation is home to 26 5-start hotels, 58 4-star hotels, 78 3-star hotels, 42 2-star hotels, and 22 1-star hotels.

Loizou described, "Proportionally we are the only country in Europe with so many 5 star hotels...As far as hotel infrastructure is concerned, we have everything."

The CTO Chairmen added, "We place great emphasis on extending the tourist season, having tourists in other seasons of the year and the hotels are doing their best," to CNA.