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Ayia Napa Tourists Suffer €40,000 In Robberies

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Tourists soaking up the sun in Ayia Napa were burglarized this weekend, when criminals stole €40,000 from their hotel rooms.

The Famagusta police force confirmed that Russian, Italian, and Israeli vacationers claimed that their hotel rooms had been broken into. Large sums of cash and personal items were reported stolen.

The robberies first occurred Saturday evening, when Italian travelers told police that €31,520 in cash and goods were hijacked from their Ayia Napa vacation dwelling, where even the room's safe was taken.  This incident was then followed by two more reports of Ayia Napa robberies.

Cypriot police stated that there were no surveillance systems in place at any of the crime scenes, and that the goods ripped off were not insured. It is thought that the bandits came into the rooms via their balconies. Currently there is an active police investigation concerning the robberies.

(Source: Cyprus Weekly)