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Sani Resort - World’s Leading Family & Beach Resort in the world

Featured Sani Resort - World’s Leading Family & Beach Resort in the world

Sani Resort, a top luxury holiday destination in Halkidiki, achieved a double distinction at the World Travel Awards 2021, taking 1st place in the category World's Leading Family & Beach Resort for the 3rd consecutive year and the 1st place in the category World's Leading Luxury Green Resort for the 2nd consecutive year.

The recognition of Sani Resort as a leader in the field of tourism worldwide through these two awards confirms the commitment of the resort for a top level hospitality experience, it is mentioned in a relevant information. With five luxury 5-star hotels, unrivaled facilities, award-winning facilities and employment programs for toddlers and children, sports academies in collaboration with renowned athletes and teams, more than 40 food and beverage options, excellent cultural agenda and private marina, Sani Resort is reference point on the tourist map of the Mediterranean and Europe.

Commitment to perfection

Mr. Antonis Avdelas, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Sani Resort stated about the double award:

"These awards, from the most distinguished tourism organization, are the recognition of our commitment to offer unparalleled luxury holidays and unforgettable experiences to our guests, while having a positive impact on social and environmental level beyond the boundaries of our business.

Together with our people, our driving force, we look forward to the next season to create unique experiences for our guests, in the unique way of Sani.

On behalf of Sani Resort, we want to thank everyone who made these awards a reality. "

At the same time, having recently won the global award ‘Low-Carbon Ecological Scenic Spot΄ at the Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards 2021, which enjoys the recognition of the United Nations, Sani Resort is ranked among the best sustainable resorts in the world.

Sani Resort is committed to contributing to the slowdown in climate change, with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, increasing the use of renewable energy sources and balancing residual emissions through the Zero Carbon Footprint project. In 2020, Sani Resort successfully became the first hotel with a neutral carbon balance in Greece, as it balanced its total emissions to zero through compensation, while from 2019 it already uses 100% electricity from renewable sources of guaranteed origin, it is pointed out.

For half a century, respect for nature has made Sani Resort the ultimate sustainable destination. Sani's commitment to change is also evidenced by his continued recognition and achievements. Sani is also a member of the United Nations Global Compact.

Expansion of the Porto Sani Hotel

The expansion of the Porto Sani Hotel, one of the five 5 * hotels of the award-winning Sani Resort group, is expected to be completed in May 2022, an investment worth 30 million euros.

The expansion of the hotel will be completed with the availability of 2 new restaurants, spacious common areas, new swimming pools and 148 luxury suites, all designed to meet the needs of young children and the whole family.

In addition, the expansion of Kids Club and Creche will offer a wide range of activities in their new indoor and outdoor facilities.