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Watch Video: Obama speaks on immigration reform

Translation By Lisa Darilis

In his White House speech, U.S. president Barack Obama stated that he was determined to push for immigration reform. Obama is bringing this issue back to the table with a proposed law that would directly affect illegal immigrants currently working in the U.S. without legal documentation.

"What we shouldn't do, once again, is hide the program under the rug and leave it there for someone else to resolve some other time in the future. Instead of creating more problems, let's show Americans that Washington can resolve problems. The reform will come through a law that will help us all in the future," Obama stated.

It is estimated that at this time there are 11 million illegal immigrants working in the United States, a large portion of whom are concentrated in New York. Taking into account current events in Greece and Cyprus, a feasible change in the current establishment will be historic and is determined to open up doors for many who dream of working in the United States, but can't do so the legal way.