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Watch Video: Update on Child discovered in Roma Camp in Greece

Translation By Lisa Darilis

"I sold by daughter for 250 Euros," stated the alleged mother of Maria, the five year old girl who moved the world after she was discovered in a Roma encampment in Farsala, Greece.

It is now claimed that she is the daughter of Atanas Rusev and Sasha Ruseva, a Roma couple from Bulgaria. A picture of Sasha Ruseva is being publicized in the Daily Mail Newspaper.

According to a BBC report, the alleged biological parents of Maria have been brought forward to authorities and are being questioned. They support their statement that they had to sell Maria as a result of economic difficulties.

At the same time, a Bulgarian television station aired the reactions of Maria's family (?) at their home, showing shocking images of how Maria's siblings are living in squalor. Their conditions seem worse than the ones Maria experienced in the Roma camp in Farsala, where she was discovered.

This mystery will not come to an end until conclusive DNA testing shows that Ms. Ruseva is truly the biological mother of Maria. In the meantime, this story has given rise to many hopes for families of missing five year old girls all over the world.