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U.S. Department of State Releases Greek Terrorism Report

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The U.S. Department of State's recent 2013 terrorism report, categorized Greek attacks as intermittently small-scale.

The analysis touched upon improvised explosive detonation and package bombs, administered by national anarchist bodies. The report stated: "Generally, these attacks did not appear to aim to inflict bodily harm but rather sought to make a political statement".

The Department stated that Greek and United States counterterrorism efforts remain strong, in their collaborative efforts to battle such crimes. It noted that Athens and Thessaloniki were hit with consistent, small-scale attacks. The U.S. feels that Greece's weak borders still remain a concern, regarding illegal immigration advances. It also highlighted the nation's frail passport document protocol.

The U.S. Department of State reported major 2013 Hellenic terrorist incidents as:

"On January 20, two homemade bombs exploded on the first floor of a shopping center near Athens injuring two private security guards. Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei claimed responsibility for the attack".

"On July 30, the Greek coast guard seized a boat near the island of Chios after a routine check revealed illegal arms and ammunition, including anti-tank mortar rounds, hand grenades, guns, bullets, and explosive devices. The Greek police confirmed that among those arrested in connection with the boat seizure was Hasan Bieber, wanted in Turkey for attacks claimed by the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front".

"On November 1, two unidentified persons shot and killed two members of the Golden Dawn political party and injured a third person in front of the party's office in the Athens suburb Neo Heraklion. The "Militant People's Revolutionary Forces" claimed responsibility for the attack; police were still investigating it at year's end".

"On December 24, a group called Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front threatened to poison certain Coca-Cola products in Greece with hydrochloric acid, causing a recall of those products from store shelves".

"On December 30, an unknown group fired approximately 60 rounds at the German Ambassador's residence in Athens. The attackers remained at large at year's end".