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Greek Orthodox Priest Dokos Faces Felony Charge

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Greek Orthodox priest James Dokos has been charged with embezzlement for illegally spending over $110,000 from a private trust, according to reports.

The 62-year-old religious leader used to serve at Milwaukee's Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church for many years, before his most recent post at Saints Peter and Paul Church in Glenview, IL until 2012. However in June, Dokos was deferred from his position and was granted unpaid administrative leave.

A criminal complaint was filed against Dokos, claiming his misuse of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church trust funds between 2008 until 2012. He is now faced with a Class G felony charge. The charge reveals that the Parish Council discovered that Dokos had stolen money donated to the Church by a trust.

According to fox6now.com, the complaint states that Dokos emailed the Parish Council President with a text in all capital letters that read: "I STOLE NO MONEY". However, the complaint claims that further investigations by church officials have proved otherwise, and added "...a great deal of this money was spent on clearly personal expenditures".