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Senator Gianaris & Assemblymember Simotas Sponsor Sex Offender Bill

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Last week in Astoria, a press conference was held by New York delegates that confirmed newly passed legislation, which strives to crack down on sex offenders.

The bill was sponsored by New York Senator Mike Gianaris in the State Senate and Assemblymember Aravella Simotas in the Assembly, and has been approved by both.  

The legislation's goal is to abolish a loop hole on repeat sex offenders who are guilty of three or more illegal sex acts in a ten year timeframe. The current law allows for time to accrue when a sex criminal is behind bars, while the new bill would not include incarcerated time. Governor Andrew Cuomo will decide the bill's fate.

Simotas described at last week's press conference, "The law must provide protection for the most vulnerable among us, not shield predators", as reported by the Astoria Post.

Gianaris stated, "I urge Governor Cuomo to sign our legislation into law and help protect all of us from those who would prey on the vulnerable". The Greek-American further commented, "There should be no place in our society for criminals who repeatedly sexually abuse others in our community".