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Sydney Gunman's Greek-Australian Partner Offers "Terrorist" Confession (With Video)

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The horrific siege in Sydney has led police to investigate Amirah Droudis, who is the partner and presumed collaborator of deceased killer Man Haron Monis.

It has been widely reported that Droudis has been interrogated by the Australian police force, whom have raided the home of the couple. Droudis has been characterized as a 35-year-old Greek-Australian who converted to Islam. Droudis has numerous videos online chronicling her beliefs; one can be viewed below.

Both criminals have a lengthy wrap sheet with the law. In the video below, the felon states, "I regret to say I am a terrorist...I admit and formally confess that for many years I have been a terrorist, but I'll try not to be anymore."

The Greek-Australian criminal has been reported to be from a Greek family from the Sydney suburb of Belmore, and changed her name from Anastasia to Amirah after pairing up with Man Haron Monis.