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U.S. Embassy Athens Supports “Color Youth” Advocate George Charonis

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The U.S. Embassy in Athens supported George Charonis' of "Color Youth" attendance, at the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in International Education conference.

The conference was recently held at the University of Maryland. Charonis addressed the topic, "European perspectives on LGBTQ youth and student activism."

The LGBTQ advocate offered an overview of the the International LGBTQ Youth and Student Organisation. Charonis also discussed LGBTQ rights in Europe, and how the Organization vies to promote young activists across the region in their efforts and collaborations.

The "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" conference is a one-day event that addresses the requirements of global education position holders, to comprehend the LGBTQ community's gender identity and orientation, and to include these elements in the international teaching sector.

(Photo Source: U.S. State Department)