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Athens Open Air Film Festival Runs June-September

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The 5th annual Athens Open Air Film Festival opened yesterday in the nation's capital and runs until September.

The event has over 20 cinema screenings across Athens. Various hotspots across the city, including historical landmarks, are being transformed into open-air cinemas for the Festival.

The U.S. Embassy in Athens has supported the showcasing of America's premier classic movies that include, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," "Beauty and the Beast," "The French Connections," and "After Hours," among others.

As the Athens Open Air Film Festival states on its website, "The primary goal of this event, which will run from June until September, is to draw attention towards the centre of Athens and its suburbs, so that the residents and the visitors are reacquainted with the city that we love to dislike as a city that is both a modern European city and a unique touristic destination."

More information about this year's Festival can be found at: http://www.cinemag.gr/aoaff/default.asp.