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Ukraine Demands Crimea Troop Withdrawal

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Today, Interim Ukrainian President Oleksandr Turchynov declared a withdrawal of armed forces from Crimea.

Russian troops have captured the majority of the nation's base in the peninsula. Last week Russia annexed Crimea after a contentious referendum that the West and Ukraine have deemed as illegal.

As CNN Reports: "The acting President of Ukraine has given an order to the Ukraine Defense Ministry for the withdrawal of all Ukrainian forces from Crimea". Previously, an estimated 60-80 Ukrainian troops were seized from the Ukrainian naval base at Crimea's port in Feodosia.

Over the weekend Russian forces centralized their Black Sea peninsula control. Six Russian special forces armored personnel carriers blasted through Belbek air base's gates, disposing warning shots into the atmosphere.

While Russia maintains that its existence of forces is in agreement with international compliances, NATO's premier military commander voiced concern about their increasing forces on the border of Ukraine. Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Philip Breedlove stated, "Russia is acting much more like an adversary than a partner".

As declared to CNN by a senior U.S. defense official concerning Russia, "...has enough troops that we believe they could move against Ukraine at any time now". The official added that America's capital still remains unaware on Russia's intention on the Ukrainian border, regardless of Moscow's claims that troops are there for training. U.S. intelligence also states that Russian troops are strategically placed to conceivably attack the Ukrainian cities of Luhansk, Donetsk and Kharkiv without warning.