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Cyprus' U.S. Ambassador Seeks Involved Solution

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American Ambassador to Cyprus John M. Koenig, declared to Millyet Newspaper over the island's divide, "The solution is too important to be left to politicians", and wants the two territories to come together to find a solution.

Koenig noted the positive roles Greece and Turkey have had during their discussions, and prompted Greek Cypriots to offer communications with Turkish law makers.  The Ambassador discussed how U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, consistently bring the Cypriot issue to global meetings. He added, "U.S. is closely watching the process. But the ones who are claiming that U.S. is dominating the talks are wrong. Our role is a supportive role and we hope that our role can make positive contribution to the process...We want a solution for the same reasons that Cypriots want...U.S. will be supportive but solution is something that Cypriots will find".

American Ambassador to Cyprus John M. Koenig feels that all pillars of Cypriot society need to participate in a solution formation. Koenig described, "We encouraged Greek Cypriots to extend the dimension of their contacts with Turks and Turkish Cypriots. Turkish Cypriots should do the same with Greece and the EU. Solution is too important to be left to politicians and it is important to discuss the aftermath of a possible solution and how it will be applied in practice. This very important discussion should also take place".