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Greek Orthodox Bishop's Greek-American Comments, Australia

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Australia's Greek Orthodox Bishop Seraphim of Apollonia recently criticized Greek-Americans, following an All Saints Greek Orthodox Church service, outside of Sidney according to international reports.

The Bishop was reported to have stated concerning Greek-Australians compared to Greek-Americans, "...you can be certain that clergy and lay people alike, are faithful to the homeland...during this difficult period we sympathize [with the people of Greece] who find themselves in a difficult situation...be sure that we have helped Greece as an Archdiocese and we will continue to do so, because we, the Greeks of Australia, do not resemble the Greeks in America. Here, we hold on more to the language, to the traditions and heritage, and the faults" (source: www.thenationalherald.com).

Bishop Seraphim also declared that Hellenism in Australia is more authentic than in the United States of America. The Bishop's comments have been posted on a YouTube video that can be seen below.