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Greek Orthodox Church Offers Palestinians Shelter

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The Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Porphyrius in Palestine, has offered refuge to approximately 1,000 Palestinian Muslims who are sheltered within its walls during the violence that is plaguing their region, as reported by Reuters.

However, Israeli forces bombed a neighboring field, where ammunition hit Church gravestones. The Greek Orthodox Church has offered food, toys, bedding, plastic chairs and beds to its inhabitants.

Archbishop Alexios stated to Reuters yesterday, “We have opened the church in order to help people. This is the duty of the church and we are doing all we can to help them”.

The Archbishop added, "At the beginning there were 600 people and today they became a thousand - mostly children and women. Some of those children are a week old”. The Greek Orthodox faith holds the largest amount of Christians in the nation.

Archbishop Alexios further commented, "The mosque nearby and the neighbors of the church are all helping. We are still in need of mattresses, blankets, food and most important is petrol, as we suffer blackouts. If there is no electricity we cannot have water also”.

(Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/07/22/us-palestinians-israel-gaza-church-idUSKBN0FR1O520140722)