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Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce in New York honors Nikolas Tsakos as Person of the Year

The 71st annual Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce Gala took place on Friday, March 24th 2023, at the Rainbow Room. The historical Rainbow Room on the 65th floor of Rockefeller Center, was filled with prominent members of the shipping industry and Greek American community. The master of ceremonies, John Stratakis, welcomed the guests, followed by the Hellenic Chamber’s President, Athas Ioannou, who welcomed the guests and spoke about the success of the Chamber’s work and this year’s honoree. The presentation of the 71st Person of the Year Award Honoree was presented by Nicolas. Bornozis and Christopher Maitland.

“Maestro in Blue” travels to New York to celebrate Christophoros Papakaliatis

By Melina Chalkias

Greeks & Greek Americans from all over the Tri State Area of New York, along with international guests gathered at the Chiotes Hall of the Archiocesan Cathedral in New York City, to celebrate Christophoros Papakaliatis – actor, creator, director, and writer of “Maestro in Blue,” the first ever Greek scripted television series to make an exclusive worldwide distribution deal with streaming platform Netflix.

Moments Art Exhibition by Mina Balali

New Greek TV article: Arts & Culture Greece

Moments by Mina Balali
Abstract & Impressionist Exhibition - Rhodes, Greece
January 19, 2023. 11am-3pm

 Rhodes is one of the most visited islands of Greece, and one of the most cosmopolitan vacation destinations. Rhodes offers a significant vast history with the Castle of the Order of St.John’s Knights, one of the most well-preserved UNESCO castles in Europe, which promises romantic strolls on the medieval cobblestone streets of the old town that is surrounded by quaint shops, art exhibits, cafés and restaurants.