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Organic Farmers Republic Provides Low Cost Produce

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The organic Farmers Republic market is situated just north of Athens, and offers organic products direct from farmers on both Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Its founder Dimitris Koutsolioutsos described to Kathimerini, "The market is run according to international standards. All of the organic farmers are certified by independent authorities, while we are now in a position to carry out inspections ourselves".

The director added, "We have around 10,000 visitors a week and more than 55,000 on our website". Its newly established virtual shopping center: famersrepublic.gr delivers food right to customers' doors, where buyers can select which producer they source from.

Describing producer prices, Koutsolioutsos states, "are 10-30 and even 40 percent lower than at other organic produce markets". Delivery fees are set at 3.50 euros for orders 50 euros and less, while they are free for larger orders.