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Aegean Marine Petroleum Suffers $4.3 Million Loss

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The Athenian-based corporation Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. (ANW) confirmed a $4.3 million dollar loss in its third quarter.

The marine-fuel management company stated that this held a 9 cent loss per share; earnings that were modified for non-recurring expenses held 20 centers per share.

As reported by AP, the average assessment by analysts studied by Zacks Investment Research predicted 22 center per share. ANW held a $1.81 billion dollar revenue in the third quarter, while its shares have suffered an 18% decrease since the start of 2014.

In the last trading minutes yesterday, shares were at $9.24, marking a 14% drop within the last year, according to Automated Insights' assessment of data by Zacks Investment Research.

(Source: Associated Press)