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Greek Shares Accelerate & Bond Yields Drop

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Greek shares accelerated today, after the nation secured a multi-billion euro bailout deal with its global creditors.

Greece's third bailout caused the Hellenic state's sovereign borrowing amounts to retract. Athens' reference point, ATG equity index, increased by 1.2%; the Greek banking index swelled by 6%.

National Bank of Greece shares climbed 6.6%. However, the main ATG index continues to remain in a 15% downfall, as it has since the beginning of this year.

Two-year bond yields dipped by over 4%, totaling 15.27%. 10-year yields decreased approximately 70 basis points, totaling about 10.50%.  The fresh agreement is predicted to total as much as 86 billion euros in new loans, for the financially stricken nation.

(Source: Reuters)