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Car Bomb Explodes Outside The Bank of Greece

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Just outside of the Bank of Greece's central Athens office, a car bomb ignited this morning.

The blast serves as an expression of the current turmoil the nation suffers from. Bombings, strikes and protests have been regular occurrences in over four years, when Greece first had to seek outside financial assistance.

Authorities confirmed that there were no injuries in today's explosion, at approximately 6:00 a.m. Buildings near the Bank of Greece were damaged. According to the Hellenic Statistical Authority, the state's unemployment rate decreased to 26.7% in January, from 27.2% in December.

Deflation issues still plague Greece; according to a harmonized EU mechanism, consumer prices lowered by 1.5% last month, compared to the same time period one year ago. The Bank of Greece confirmed that non-performing loans swelled to 31.7% of total lending, by 2013's end.