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Chinese Premier Confirms Additional Greek Interest

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During today's travels to the port of Piraeus, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang stated his nation's investment interests in Hellenic railroads, in addition to more control of the Pireaus Port Authority.

The leader visited Cosco headquarters in Piraeus as well; the Chinese corporation is a leader in the shipping sector. Keqiang believes China's acquirement of Greek railways will greatly speed up the goods transport system within Europe.

The Chinese Premier described the achievements that can be attained, if Cosco gains a 67% control of the Port. According to Kathimerini, he stated that Piraeus is apt to become: "China's gateway to Europe". He confirmed that goods traveling via Piraeus would decrease the travel time by a week to a week and a half, in comparison to travels from China to the EU. It would also significantly reduce Chinese operational prices.

Keqiang further commented on China's goal to modernize Greece's railways. He claimed that China would support collaboration between Chinese and Greek shipping sector companies. The Chinese premier added that Chinese investments have already established 1,000 new jobs in Greece.