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Christodoulos Xiros, More Than a Rabbit On the Run

The video and text uploaded by Christodoulos Xiros on an anarchist affiliated website has caused yet more upheaval and mutual accusations, among political parties, urban guerrilla groups, and even within the police and security services.

Xiros' odd message
In a relatively short text Xiros assaults the present government, but also media, for being stooges of lenders and quislings of the “fourth reich,” adding that naturally his being on the loose should make “media frauds,” and those they serve, panic!
Christodoulos Xiros refers to quite an extent to the results of the memorandums in bleak terms citing impoverishment, suicides, unemployment, rising death rates, among other things. In this he appears to be a harbinger for a broad range of anti-memorandum activists, across the political spectrum, from the far right to the far left.
Interestingly enough, Xiros cites the destruction of the middle class as one of the signs that call for a mass uprising (because that is what he is calling for), in an odd twist on his otherwise Marxist ideology.
In the video, Xiros calls for mass resistance in a “war that we [the people] have been drawn into,” calling for citizens to assault verbally and physically politicians, police, tax collectors, security guards, and all those that for him represent the “quisling” state apparatus, as he sees it. There is an underlying nationalist tow, in the verbiage.
Xiros appeals not just to Greeks, in his personal “address to the nation,” but especially to those on the extreme left and anarchists, to coalesce and unite, as the country is in a state of war.
He also threatens anyone who would dare take issue with his family with “just desserts.”
Christodoulos Xiros signs the letter, dated 14 January, with his name and the identity “free member of 17 November.”

Bickering continues among leftist extremists
The appeal by Christodoulos Xiros frames recent squabbles turned violent between assorted jailed anarchists and the Conspiracy of the Nuclei of Fire (NoF) group. Christodoulos Xiros who spent quite a lot of time in the cells of jailed NoF members seems to be extending a call for unity, exactly, among these groups.
The appeal has found limited response so far. Jailed NoF member Gerasimos Tsakalos in an announcement posted on interarma.info, sent comradely greetings to Christodoulos Xiros, whom he calls an “urban guerrilla,” and with whom he finds common aims.
Although this at first seems to be papering over the cracks in leftist extremism, in the very same announcement, Tsakalos lets loose a heap of abuse at other leftists and the anarchist affiliated site athens,indymedia.org, for essentially being defeatists and playing in the hands of class enemies.
At the same time, jailed 17 November member, Alexandros Yotopoulos, in an announcement coincidentally appearing on the same day as Xiros' “missive,” almost openly accuses Christodoulos as being an agent working for the system, noting how he was allowed a free roam of the jail, how he wasn't visibly “shadowed” by authorities during previous furloughs.
“Spastic” reactions by the state
As if planned to pique Xiros, concerning his friends and family, authorities began the “round up the usual suspects” routine, searching houses and interrogating all his family, friends, known accomplices, etc, even though it's obvious that if a man managed to hide from them for 27 years, he may be able to still do so, and that would preclude implicating all known accomplices.
But... but, there is this nagging shadow in many people's minds, and it's very close to what Yotopoulos said. After all, it was Christodoulos who rolled over and named names back in 2002, and then “repented.” And throughout these decades there has always been the scent and articles stating that 17 November was an infiltrated group being used in inter-agency wars.
Police also brought in Kostas Sakkas, a terrorism suspect, who was first arrested three years ago, imprisoned for 31 months awaiting trial and released on probation after his internment period ended, following a 38 day hunger strike. They later released him. This was theater. The question is, why? Sakkas' re-arrest was the nominal cause of the announcement from Tsakalos.
The friendly media
Meanwhile, government sided media are creating a climate of fear and apprehension with titles and commentary focusing of the threat society faces from terrorism. This is hard to swallow, with profound economic hardship affecting most. It is very hard for the average Greek to feel that she/he is being threatened by terrorism. In fact, many feel a suppressed, or even open, glee at the possibility that some terrorist/vigilante does the dirty deed of dispensing crude justice, or just revenge, for all the hardship and pillaging.
The other side of the coin is opposition media, which is struggling to keep up with the divergent views within the left opposition, and the fact that many parts of Christodoulos' statements appeal even to the extreme right. In trying to cope with this conundrum they are lagging behind developments and seem perplexed. There is also an issue with the fact that Christodoulos fails to make any mention of immigrants!!! Equally perplexing for anti-systemic radical leftists and neo-nazis.
Are puppets loose
The broad anti-memorandum call made by Christodoulos Xiros has cast him in a self-professed leadership role with support from a “known” current terrorist entity, something which may explain Yotopoulos' angry retort, but still fails to account for a number of “loose ends” and “red herrings.” One can safely discount any complicated conspiracy scenarios as these would include roughly half the cabinet and most security agencies, down to precinct chiefs. But, as the very existence in another, secret, world of people like Christodoulos Xiros, necessitates conspiracy, then a modicum of conspiracy actually exists. It's just that conspiracies are small, actors are many, and the future, well, unforeseeable!