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Maria Menounos Wants Kids

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Greek-American TV personality Maria Menounos graces the cover of Shape magazine next month, where she offered a candid interview announcing that she is ready to be a mom.

She stated to Shape magazine, "I'm finally ready to have children".  The popular Menounos explained, "For years I was terrified of having kids. I was afraid I'd love them so much, I'd stop working completely". 

The 36-year-old confessed, "That all changed after I took a seminar with [motivational speaker] Tony Robbins. It was an absolutely game-changing, life-altering experience. I had a profound, hysterical crying moment where I realized I was going to miss out on this enormous amount of love, all because of fear".

Maria Menounos hails from Medford, MA. She was born to Greek immigrant parents, Litsa from Kalamata and Costas from Akovos. The Greek Orthodox church was a large part of her childhood. Her longtime boyfriend Keven Undergaro was baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church earlier this year.