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By Eleftheria Mavroukis

As Greece, and other parts of the world, are experiencing drastic times, a quite appropriate and embraced concept of a "Brand New Revolution" is the theme and title of Gus G.'s, new album, which was released late July of 2015.

This release was paired with Gus G.'s cover debut on Guitar World Magazine, standing alongside Chris Broderick of former band Megadeth, where the release of his new album was announced, and also in Guitare Xtreme Magazine in France, where he is seen on the cover alongside famed blues guitarist, Warren Haynes.

Gus G., or Konstantinos Karamitroudis, hails from Thessaloniki, Greece. Gus G. is known for his skillfully wicked guitar playing in the heavy metal scene, a skill which also landed him the position as Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist in 2009. Alongside his touring with Ozzy, he continued to release albums with his own created band, Firewind. His last solo album, "I Am The Fire," released in March of 2014, included famous international metal artists such as David Ellefson, Blake Allison, Mats Levén, Jeff Scott Soto, Alexia Rodriguez, Tom S. Englund, Ralph Saenz, Billy Sheehan, and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Jeff Soto, Eliza Ryd, Mats Levén, and Jacob Bunton are all guest vocalists in "Brand New Revolution," which was engineered by the seasoned Jay Ruston and mixed by Mike Fraser, names that are known by rock and metal musicians in the recording studio arena. Alongside Gus G. on the guitar are Firewind's Jo Nunez playing drums, and Marty O'Brien, of the Lita Ford Band, on bass. There are twelve tracks and each featured artist brings his or her own flavor to the album. The songs Brand New Revolution and Generation G especially touch on the frustrations probably felt by many in the wake of the current economical and political crisis.

To further promote this new album, Gus G. will begin his European Tour 2015 on September 17th, starting in France, and will then go on to several countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Poland the Netherlands, and Italy. Gus G. will take a brief break to play in a few shows in the United States with Ozzy Osbourne, but will then return to Europe. Gus G., will resume his tour back home in Greece, first in Thessaloniki in March of 2015, and then in Athens in April.

You may stream video clips, sample music, or get more news on Gus G. and the band Firewind, on his fan website www.gusgofficial.com or read future stories on Gus G. on NGTV on www.newgreektv.com or visit us on our facebook page.