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House of Cards

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By Louie Koutros


The political drama House of Cards, returns for it's second season on February 14. Fitting that Netflix chose a show showered with love by fans and critics alike (9 Primetime Emmy Award nominations and 4 Golden Globe nominations) to premier on valentine's day. All 13 episodes will be available to stream immediately as was the case when season 1 premiered last year.


The show follows U.S. Representative Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) as he cleverly maneuvers in the shadows of the political underbelly that envelops Washington D.C. In a case of art-not imitating life, this fictional congress actually gets some work done, though with lots of shady deals and vengeful attitudes. Honor and honesty have no place in this world, so success depends on who has the most information to take advantage of. Things can only get uglier from here, but Frank will make sure it's ugly in the most charming way possible.

Spacey is joined by a wonderful cast including Frank's wife (Robin Wright) who is excellent and ferocious in her own rights. Netflix gives us the opportunity to binge watch the whole season in one sitting, but be careful, season 3 which just got renewed, won't be out for a while. Show your love in moderation.