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Game of Thrones - Season 4 Trailer (Video)

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By Louie Koutros

Those of us still recovering from the red wedding got a taste of the mayhem awaiting us in the 4th season of Game of Thrones when HBO premiered the first trailer on Jan 6. From the look of things we can expect epic battles, more weddings and new characters to replace some of our lost heroes from last season, in what can only be expected as more gut wrenching pain for all of us masochistic viewers.

The shadow flying over the city gives us a good idea that Daenerys's dragons have grown up a bit, Melisandre is still playing with fire and Tryrion finds himself in chains...again. For anyone wanting to geek out some more on GOT, there's a gem of extra material on the blue ray DVD from past seasons of animated shorts narrated by the actors themselves, elaborating on the history of this complicated world George R.R. Martin has created.. Fascinating stuff, full of all the history behind the storytelling.

No blu ray, no problem, just look it up on YouTube. The rest of us have to wait till April 6 for the premiere of season 4 while hitting repeat on this stunning trailer, as we continue suffering through our withdrawal.