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Ronaldo vacations in Mykonos

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Following a group round elimination for Portugal in this year's World Cup, star player Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be recovering while relaxing in Mykonos this week.

The Real Madrid star forward is visiting the island with his model girlfriend Irina Shayk.

Shayk is on the island for a Maxim magazine photo shoot. She spoke to the magazine about her acting career. Shayk told the publication that she had faced some difficulty getting cast in serious roles, because of her background in the modeling industry.

"Every time I get a script, it's, like, bartender...stripper..." she said.
However, Shayk's career seems to be taking off, as she was just cast opposite Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the new Hercules film, based on the Greek mythological hero.

Shayk told Maxim about all of her sudden Greece connections. Not only is she set to film a new movie originating in Greece while shooting for Maxim on a Greek island, but also her name itself is Greek.

"But Greek mythology! Irina is a Greek name, so I think: Maybe it's destiny?", the model commented.