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Eco-Friendly "Love Sporoi" Festival Held in Athens

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The "Love Sporoi – Let's Grow Together" festival is taking place in Athens, whose goal is to raise environmental public awareness on the attributes of seeds.

It is initiated by Demeter International, while six European capitals are participating in the eco-friendly event. The Seed Festivals' goals are to enhance the message of distribution, production and free exchange of traditional and non-industrial seed types.

The Festivals' mission is to promote sustainable agriculture and reinforce biodiversity as an European policy element by 2030. The Hellenic Love Sporoi Festival is organized by Organization Earth.

Organization Earth representative Christos Zouras described the initiative, "the Festival Love Sporoi is a great event for the whole family, where you are updated on the hot topic of seeds combined with the special vine that we always have at the Center of the Earth every Sunday in recent years. Collective kitchen, toys, etc."

A children's educational and fun program schedule can be viewed below:

7-17 October 2014

Experiential education program "I am the Seed"

Audience: Students in Kindergarten and Primary 
Duration: 70 ' 
Area of application: Center of the Earth 

Objective and importance of training program 

Students can: 
understand that the seed is the plant part 
to experience the diversity inherent in the seeds (size, color, shape) 
to understand the modes of spread and propagation of seeds 
connect the seeds to their diet 
to learn how to collect and preserve seeds 
to understand the replacement value of the seed 
to develop positive attitudes about the importance of conserving varieties 

For those dates, the cost for each student is 4 euros. 

To book a visit for your school, contact the Center of the Earth 
at 2102325380 daily from Tuesday - Friday 10.00 - 16.00.

The "Sunday on Earth" celebratory finale is behind held Sunday, October 12th. Additional information can be found below.

October 12, 2014

Feast of Love Sporoi: from earth to plate

The festival ends with a big celebration in the activities of the Organisation Earth "Sunday on Earth." 

Includes: Collective kitchen with Twominutes Angie and fantastic volunteers, Toys, Workshop seed in backyard. View messages from the rest of the festival, and campaign 

Area of application: Center of the Earth (67 Republic Avenue, Ilion) 
Start time: 10.00