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Chaikalis: They tried to bribe me

Deputy Pavlos Chaikalis, a well known actor by profession, made the revelation during a television show, saying he had a recording of the bribery attempt that he has already submitted to the prosecutor.

The bombshell was dropped earlier this morning by popular comedian Lakis Lazopoulos who was making an appearance on ANT1 TV where he made reference to the recording of the attempt to bribe the MP. “I have heard and seen the material. Soon you will see it too”. Lazopoulos also added he thinks another MP has accepted such a bribe.

The allegation was immediately confirmed by Chaikalis who over the phone to the same show admitted it was true and he had a recording.

According to Pavlos Chaikalis, the person who offered him money to change his position and vote for President is known in political and financial circles but is not a politician. He approached him and offered him 700.000 euros, a settlement on a loan he has with a bank and other professional contracts that would amass to 2-3 million euros. The MP has said he filed a complaint two weeks ago and has already testified and turned over an audiovisual recording he has made of the attempted bribery to prosecutor Mr. Panagiotopoulos.

The Prosecutor's office has confirmed that the MP visited them but said the evidence he provided them with did not lead to an investigation.

"I have just been informed. I think it is a serious allegation but I need to look into the details and assess whether it can influence developments, "said the president of SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras on the attempted bribery.
"The Prime Minister has been saying for months that he has “cushions” [meaning non coalition MPs who would support the government] and has made a slippery choice. In any case, the country needs to come up for air" he added.

Government spokeswoman Sophia Voultepsis also referred to the allegations claiming that "for reasons of public interest, all evidence needs to be made public. If there is no evidence, all legal proceedings should be launched against the perpetrators of this wretched story. "