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33rd Athens Marathon set to break new record in athlete participation, say organizers

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Athlete participation in this year's 33rd Athens Marathon held on November 8 is expected to reach new record highs, the president of Greek athletics federation (SEGAS) Kostas Panagopoulos said at a presser on Thursday, as he presented the Greek capital's leading sporting event.

Panagopoulos said organizers expect 40,000 athletes, 6,500 of which are foreigners – 1,500 more than last year. Of the 40,000 runners, 16,000 will participate in the Marathon race while the others in the various shorter races taking place simultaneously in the city.

He also said SEGAS decided this year not to invite top athletes who would raise the budget of the event, so as to increase revenues directed to social purposes.
Deputy Sports Minister Stavros Kontonis welcomed the event and noted the efforts made to contain expenses in sports events due to the bad economic situation in Greece and called on Greek businessmen involved in sports to pay the amounts due from the use stadia and public spaces.

The presser was also attended by Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis, Marathon City Mayor Ilias Psinakis and the General Marketing Manager of OPAP, Petr Matejovski.