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EU Commissioner Avramopoulos stresses need to turn migration into an asset for the economy

"The timely and effective integration of third countries is crucial for turning migration into an advantage for the economy and the cohesion of our society," EU Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos on Wednesday said regarding the Commission's plan to facilitate the transfer of highly qualified migrants from third countries.

The revision of the European "blue card" system for the work permit that the European Commission's plan provides for "will make the relocation and employment of third countries' highly skilled citizens to the EU easier and more attractive and will boost economic growth", Avramopoulos underlined.
He cited two reasons why the revision of the "blue card" system is needed: The increasing skills shortages in areas such as healthcare and informatics, as well as the reduction and aging of workforce.
The long-term aim of this policy is, however, the proper management of migration, the Commissioner noted.