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Participation in the classic Athens Marathon for completion of the Church of Panagia Nafpaktiotissa (The Virgin Mary of Nafpaktos)

Featured Participation in the classic Athens Marathon for completion of the Church of Panagia Nafpaktiotissa (The Virgin Mary of Nafpaktos)

Marathon of contribution and love with one purpose: 

The need for help to maintain the philanthropic and social mission of the Sacred Monastery of the Metamorphosis (Transfiguration) of Our Savior and the completion of the Church of our Panagia (Virgin Mary), as a cultural beacon of the greater region.

In light of the great celebration of Christmas, which is the celebration of Love and Peace, and choosing to run and finish in the shorter marathon of 5 kilometers, Greek-American Archimandrite Ignatios Stavropoulos, with origin from Anavryti, Nafpaktia, made his own distinctive mark in this year’s classic marathon, which was completed with great success and participation from all over the world, with the marathon terminating at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.

See the participation here.


The basic aim of his participation was to reinforce the efforts to find financial resources so that this blessed work can continue smoothly, but also to meet the preservation needs of the Monastery of the Metamorphosis.

Father Ignatios, now just over 65 years old, secretary of the Monastic and Missionary Monastery of the Metamorphosis of Our Savior, wearing his monastic robs, completed his participation in the short authentic marathon of Athens, having at his side, Police Sergeant Antonios Gratsas.

See the termination here.


The Brotherhood of the Metamorphosis in Nafpaktia has been involved in a serious and philanthropic mission for many decades, with the support of many volunteers.

  • ·     Philanthropic work of love:Mainly by helping with food, medicine, clothing and meals of love and in the urgent support of patients 
  • ·     Camps:The children’s camps, named “Metamorphosis of Our Savior”, were founded in 1993, by the Welfare Division of the Prefecture of Etoloakarnania, and the camps operate every summer, under the general supervision of the Division of Family and Children of the District of Western Greece.

The monks of the monastic Brotherhood endeavour daily with zeal and true dedication of their life to successfully deal with all the needs that arise not just in their monastery, but also on the facilities of the children’s camps that they operate, while at the same time, they are working diligently for the completion of the only Holy Church of the Virgin Mary of Nafpaktos (Madona di Lepanto), which is of great historic and religious significance, related to the historic Naval Battle of Nafpaktos in 1571 and the miraculous victory of the united Christian fleet.


If you wish to support actively this sacred work, you may do it via a bank deposit at: 


“Adelfotis Metamorfoseos tou Sotiros Nafpaktou”

 Bank name: EUROBANK

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GR 303 00 Nafpaktos, 


Or alternatively electronically at:

My donation - Holy Metamorfoseos Monastery (angel-365.com)

More information regarding the mission of the Holy Monastery of Metamorphosis of Our Savior can be found here: