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Archaeological Museum of Delphi hosts 'Myths in Our Hands' Exhibition

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi hosts a sculpture exhibition "Myths in Our Hands" with works by Aphrodite Liti.

Through a collection of eighteen rings - sculptures, the artist demonstrates the symbolism of jewelry as a talisman but also as a symbol of power and authority of the personal history of man over time.
"The different power transmitted by each magic ring, gives it a secret push, enables it overcome the dangers of the picturesque, but also harnesses the difficult circular shape, transforming it to a free sculpture. The forms, which emerged, alone or in combinations among them, are transformed under the light and in different environments. Amethyst, crystal, small tiles, are surrounded by heavy ribbons, the metals –mainly copper and bronze– are engraved with byzantine inscriptions, simple engagement rings are adorned with complex wire settings. But also the serpent, full of symbolism, powerful and perennial age-old motif, remains guard of secrets and promises even under this very different perspective," Art Historian Irini Orati said.
The exhibition will run until September 30. It is hosted at the entrance of the museum and is part of its efforts to promote modern arts through the eyes of ancient Greek art.