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2nd SYRIZA congress opens with Tsipras' introductory speech

The second congress of SYRIZA will open on Thursday afternoon with Prime Minister and party leader Alexis Tsipras' introductory speech.

The congress is characterised by two things. It is the first time that a left party holds a congress while being in government and secondly it is related to the European developments: A Europe that is being crushed by the rise of extreme right-xenophobic forces, a Europe where some believe "we'd better be alone than with other Europeans." And at the same time, citizens elect left parties (eg Portugal). Therefore, what is at stake is the European correlations and whether Europe's political turn will be to the left or the right.

The agenda of the second congress is expected to be rich: party-state-government relations, party planning which is different from government planning, citizens' rights, local administration, labour unions, public administration and education.